Machining Services

Equipment and Capabilities

Peak Velocity  puts quality, experience, and commitment into every phase of the machining process. All standard machining processes: cutting, grinding, milling, turning  and CNC work is done internally. In order to bolster our capabilities and provide our customers with extended  solutions,  we have developed close partnerships with several local manufacturing facilities. These facilities offer a host of technologies including multi axis CNC , Wire EDM, Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, Heat treatment, Finite Analysis, Coatings and many other proprietary technologies.  Our internal capabilities combined with the close proximity of our technology partners allows us the control to maintain accurate timelines.

One of the many keys to our success is our equipment. All of our equipment is purchased new and only after we thoroughly research to ensure that the machines will meet and exceed our expectations.  It is this attention to detail and internal preventative maintenance plan that enables us to consistently operate at high efficiency levels while achieving tight tolerance requirements.

Mig/Tig Welding